Privately Owned Off Road Trails in Central Texas
15 minutes NE of Waco Texas
Located between Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin
4730 T.K. Parkway, Axtell, Texas

Family friendly motorcycle trails, ATV trails and primative camping.
(NO automobiles, side-by-sides, large UTVs, go-carts, or dune buggies
are allowed on tracks or trails.)(NO mudders.)

Crooked Creek Cycle Park
Last update:
April 24, 2017
SCHEDULE: 1st & 3rd full weekend of each month, trail conditions permitting. 
(Watch for additional weekends & schedule changes.)
*Full weekend: Saturday and Sunday in the same month.

Crooked Creek Cycle Park will be OPEN
May 6 & 7, if the trail conditions permit.

Thanks for watching and waiting.

Please watch for updates.

Schedule is subject to change.

DAILY FEES: Adults: $15 / person per day, Youths 12 and under: $10 / person per day
*Daily fee is charged for everyone over 8 yrs old, riding or not.*
One night of camping is included with the daily fee, if the park is open.

Price Menu

CASH (We don't accept credit or debit cards.)
**We don't rent out or lend any vehicles.**

Do you have a loud bike/ATV?  Please see the note below.

Noise Hurts:  If you have a loud bike/ATV, please find somewhere else to ride!  Riders with modified or stock exhaust systems that are too loud will be asked to leave.  FYI - Usually,  bikes/ATVs with unmodified, well kept stock pipes will pass the test. Ones that might be a problem are: pipes that have the baffles out/off, old pipes that need to be repacked or repaired and some brands of race pipes. Remember, 4 strokes have a deep throaty sound that will carry for miles, which could be a problem.  2 strokes sound loud up close, but the sound doesn't carry far, so they typically are not a problem. (This is to help you better judge the sound and condition or your muffler.)

Sound level: 100 dB "A" weighted 20 inches from the exhaust.
We test with a sound meter.

Our noise rules are more lenient than the national forest rules or many of the race circuits.

Open @ 8 a.m.

Winter Hours: Open: Saturday & Sunday - 8 am.
                                   Close: Saturday @ 6 pm & Sunday @ 5 pm.
                                    Please leave by closing time, if not staying the night.


    Camping is available on Saturday night.
Campers: Please check in before 8:30pm.
Please sign-in at the green building.
Call before you haul.  940-367-3917

Trail Update:  You are welcome to call to find out trail conditions.
       Trail conditions are always a factor.
    **Please read and follow the Park rules.
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